Maltezana Beach Hotel


Alternative activities

On the crossroad of Aegean between Cyclades and Dodecanese, the picturesque island of Astypalaia is a worth going alternative tourist destination for experiential holidays.
Astypalaia is an ideal destination for spring- summer activities. The untouched landscape and the special morphology of Astypalaia transforms your passion for action into an unforgettable experience.

Sea kayak

The sea kayak is a water activity with which you can explore the hidden beauties of Astypalea . By paddling you can visit the beautiful beach of Ligno island and the shipwreck dating back to the Second World War in Maltezana. For the detailed program you can have a look here.


The natural environment of Astypalea is ideal for hiking routes. It provides large height deviation while the sea is nearly always by your side to refresh your senses. Themed trails with stories and events connected with the place. Meet caves of the Second World War, caverns with stalagmites and stalactites, as well as remote areas with rich archaeological and religious interest. For the detailed program you can have a look here.


Atypalea with its figure looking like that of a batterfly, offers bicycle paths of incredible beauty. Roots that meet the needs of a simple and relaxed ride to demanding crossings on mountain bikes. With the bikes everyone can visit the stockyards of the island, learn about the farming activities and experience the countryside of Astypalea.

Sea excursions

As an island in the middle of the Aegean Astypalea is proud of its marine environment. The boats of the island will take you to the most beautiful beaches located on the islands Koutsomitis, Kounoupa and Saint Fokas. In this full day activity you will have the opportunity to swim in aquamarine waters, to go snorkeling and fishing, to have lunch with seafood and ouzo and to feel like a child by doing cliff diving.

Cooking lessons

The culinary heritage of Astypalea is great and special. With the recipes of our grandmothers and with the products of our island we teach you how to cook the Astypalean specialties. Local products mixed with traditional recipes make the food tasty, unique and healthy. Discover the Astypalean kitchen and impress your friends.