Maltezana Beach Hotel

Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant

The fresh fish of the day constitutes the landmark of Maltezana Beach Hotel restaurant’s kitchen. A menu based on the island’s flavors by using local and traditional raw materials gives the impression of a well cooked homemade Astypalean food. An a la carte menu which makes you part of our gastronomic culture.

Our family pays special attention so that the hotel’s restaurant menu always be fresh, authentic and as much as possible close to the traditional Astypalean tastes. Our Aegean Sea cuisine is influenced and based on our grandmothers’ recipes.

In our garden you will find the most useful vegetables and fruits; our fishing boat brings in its daily catch. Also, our cellar hosts a wide variety of wines that find a perfect match with our culinary tastes.

Pool Bar

Summer holidays in Astypalea are in need of summer hangouts. Welcome to the most famous hangout of the island, the pool and beach bar of MBH. From the quiet morning and the endless sun of the midday, until the relaxing afternoon and the idyllic evening, all the hours of the day the pool and beach bar is there to serve your needs. You can enjoy the best coffee of the island and the most refreshing cocktails.

Located just next to the swimming pool, in between the comfortable sun beds and the beautiful garden, the pool bar is an open-air lounge area serving local snacks, frosty cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies and alcoholic beverages. Enjoy the Aegean summer breeze as the day moves effortlessly into the night in a nice and cozy atmosphere.